Ibadan Ethnic Clash: Nigerians Urge Peace, Unity

Kayode Oluwadare

Nigerians on Sunday took to their social media channels, calling for an end to killings and reprisal attacks following reports of inter-ethnic violence in Ibadan.

Trending the hashtag – #StopKillingNortherner, which garnered over 90,000 tweets on Sunday according to checks by the media, Nigerians lamented the escalating tension between the Yoruba and Hausa ethnic groups.

Many of the tweets sued for peace between the Yoruba and Hausa ethnic groups while some others called for proactiveness and responsible leadership from security agencies and Governors, warning the incident in Ibadan can ignite widespread violence across the country.

A clash between some Hausa and Yoruba traders at the Sasa area of Akinyele Local Government caused tension on Friday and early Saturday in Ibadan.

Traders in Shasa market, a hub for tomato and pepper sales, were not able to carry out transactions owing to the incident.

Houses were reportedly set ablaze with property destroyed in the clash.

Governor Seyi Makinde had ordered the closure of the market and declared a 6 pm- 7 am curfew in the area.

The incident drew reactions from Nigerians who took to social media, especially Twitter to make a public outcry against the clash.

Dr. Abubakar Hidima said: “There have been so many provocations lately, but the patience we have shown is great. Please, do not take laws into your hands. We have spoken to people in power & we have charged them to ensure justice.”

Investigative Journalist Fisayo Soyombo said “Reprisal killing of members of another ethnic group will NEVER even out or atone for the previous killing of your kinsmen. You’re only punishing innocent men for the sins of others. STOP!!! #StopKillingNortherners #StopKillingHumans #StopTheBloodshed.”

Aminu Saira tweeted: “Traditional rulers, Islamic clerics and Northern governors must ensure that there is no reprisal attack please, the President @MBuhari should commence extrajudicial execution of all trouble makers in Nigeria, we need absolute peace. #stopkillingNortherners”

@Waspapping_ on Twitter said: “Northerners have become a target in their own country. We are not only being killed by bandits and Boko haram. The Yorubas are killing us.

“The Igbos are killing us & nothing is being done to stop these killings. When will these killings stop? We are tired #StopKillingNortherners”

Princess Zarah also said: “What kind of heartless Nigerians do we have? Killing innocent Hausa/Fulani people in Oyo state. Nigeria has reached a level that we shouldn’t be expecting great things because of the hatred, tribalism and regionalism is too much. Enough is enough #StopKillingNortherners Now!

@Dj_Abba said: “Stop Killing Northern Nigerians in the South, your problem is my problem and vice versa, There’s no other way around it, the sooner we realise that we’re one Nigeria the better. I hope and pray for peace in my Country Red heart #StopKillingNortherners

“Dear my Hausa people. Remember that our religion didn’t encourage retaliation on people that know nothing or has nothing to do with what happened somewhere, don’t engage in destroying Yoruba’s properties and businesses, our religion didn’t encourage that. #StopKillingNortherners,” @Al_ameen_Yabo tweeted

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