Monarch Calls for Inclusion of Traditional Rulers in Governance
By Emmanuel OgundeleThe paramount ruler of the Ilaje kingdom and the Chairman of Ondo State...

By Emmanuel Ogundele

The paramount ruler of the Ilaje kingdom and the Chairman of Ondo State traditional council, His Imperial Majesty Oba Dr F.E Obateru  Akinrutan has joined his voice with other personalities in the country for the inclusion of traditional rulers in the affairs of the state and the country in general.

Oba Akinrutan made this known this morning on a breakfast TV program on Television Continental .

The monarch  emphasized on the importance of involving traditional rulers in the governance structure of the country adding that with the inclusion of these traditional rulers who are close to their people, the menace ravaging the country could be reduced or extricated entirely.

On the security situations in the country he added that traditional rulers have a major role to play as they should not just leave everything to the hands of the government.

 Oba Akinrutan cited an example of what happened to him in the wake   of the End SARS protest which ravaged the country a couple of weeks ago saying that because of his closeness to the youth of his community, he was able to stem the protest in the area.

Meanwhile on the meeting traditional rulers im the country had recently with the president. Oba Akinrutan said the president asured them of his doggedness towards eradicating terrorism and restoring peace to the country and said he believes in the president.

He therefore appeal to Nigerians to support the government adding that everyone should join the president in his quest to make the country try great.

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