Raise fund for Sinaayo who has Spine Scioliosis

The good people of this great world!

This is Sinaayo Peter Oyenekan, a 14yr old high school boy diagnosed for suffering from spine Scoliosis. The curve behind his back is more than 50 degrees, which according to experts requires immediate surgery in order to prevent him from having permanent disability and physical deformity. Medical experts say that at age 14, the condition can still be effectively corrected before it is too late. Sinaayo is brilliant and ambitious.

He has passion for the sciences. We are therefore appealing to good citizens of this great world to support his spine surgery with your widow's mite so that his ambition will not die and more importantly, to prevent him from having permanent disability and deformity.

The medical bill is high for us to carry and it must also be done using a state of the art technology to monitor the operation for effectiveness and efficiency without affecting his brain and muscles. We need your widow's mite.

Nothing is too small. Sinaayo is already going through pains and urinating excessively, sometimes defecating on his body unknowingly due to pressure on his bladder and other internal organs. Please, help save our son from physical and psychological trauma and probable death.

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