Social Media Trends For Saturday 14th November 2020

Access Bank

EndSARS protesters have vented their anger on Access Bank for allegedly closing accounts belonging to promoters of the protests without a valid court order.They accused the Bank of doing the bidding of the federal government and therefore took a stand against the Nigerian people. They called on protesters to close their accounts with Access Bank.The Bank in a statement on Friday said as a corporate establishment, it was bound by law to obey directives from the Central Bank of Nigeria, which is the regulator in the banking sector.Some, however, defended the action of Access Bank, saying it complied with a valid order issued by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Electric car

News of the official launching of what has been described as Nigeria’s first assembled electric car in Lagos has generated reactions on social media.Channels Television reported that the electric car, named ‘Hyundai Kona’, was assembled by Stallions Automobile factory.Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, who was at the launch, said that the state government will provide charging points for electric cars, and continue to partner with stakeholders who are ready to bring in innovative ideas that will make Lagos stand out and further create an enabling environment where businesses can thrive.But a cross-section of those who reacted to the news mocked the development, saying the country was still struggling to provide constant electricity to households, let alone being able to power electric cars.They said the idea of switching to electric cars, although commendable, was not fitting in the Nigerian context, especially that the major challenge to industrial development in the country was insufficient power supply.Some also expressed the view that there would likely be undesirable effects on Nigeria's crude-oil-based-economy should electric cars eventually make an inroad into the country.


The Federal University of Technology, Owerri, trended on social media after a viral document allegedly emanating from the institution indicated that lecturers had asked students who were to defend their research projects to, as a matter of requirements, provide rice and chicken with malt, garden eggs and groundnut as desserts, nylon bags to pack food home and toothpicks to clean their teeth thereafter.Although the story generated a hot argument over its authenticity, many affirmed that the list was indeed from FUTO, saying lecturers in the school have been demonstrating unethical and unpredictable attitudes lately.

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