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Missing child: DSS Arrests Akure popular Prophet, Alfa Babatunde

The general overseer of Sotitobire Miracle Centre, Akure, Pastor Alfa Babatunde was on Tuesday arrested by men of the Department of State Security Service (DSS) from Abuja. It was gathered that his arrest was sequel to series of agitations by various interest groups across the country. Babatunde has been embroiled over the

How Can You Bounce Back From A Job Loss ?

A job loss can happen to anyone. There are several reasons you could lose your job; some can be traced to you and then there are other factors that might be totally beyond your control. Such factors include a company shutting down operations, mergers or downsizing. Albert Einstein once wrote: “As

Mount Zion Film ‘Abejoye’ Movie Review

The Spyetv movie review is an every Thursday column that prepares you for the weekend and gives you a cinema guide on which movies to watch and not watch! I love to watch movies and make interesting criticisms/reviews for y'all. ABEJOYE! ABEJOYE!! ABEJOYE!!! The King Maker. ABEJOYE is an African Traditionalist Elderly

Read How you can be motivated after a huge Failure

We all feel down after we have failed, that is a natural human response and is inevitable. Sometimes you need to fall to know how to stand back up. We humans need failure in our life, it makes us rethink, reconsider and find new ways and strategies to achieve our

Be Visible to Inspire: Pictures from African Women in the Media Conference 2018 #AWIM18

The African Women in the Media 2018 conference began today that brought together media practitioners and scholars in the field of media and communications. The theme for AWIM18 is Visibility. The conference featured panel discussions, workshops, networking opportunities, project presentations, Flashtalks, a Pitch Zone hosted by commissioning editors from international and national media

Are There Two Jesuses?

"David your food is getting cold", Sarah called, as her six year old son was glued to his Bible.  She snatched the Bible from him angrily. "I've told you I'm late for work!" What are you looking for? For the past week you've been inseparable from this Bible," Sarah said as she