Nigerian Soldiers Killed Armed Robber, Recover Rifle in Plateau State

Nigerian Soldiers Killed Armed Robber, Recover Rifle in Plateau State

Olayemi Esan, Abuja

The Defence Headquarters says the troops of Operation SAFE HAVEN have quelled armed robbery incident along Bokkos-Barkin Ladi Road.

Coordinator Defence Media Operations, Major General John Enenche stated this in a statement made available to SpyeTV in Abuja on Saturday.

Enenche said, “Troops deployed at Kuba while responding to a distress call on armed robbery operation yesterday 16 October 2020, along the road swiftly mobilized to the scene and had contact with the robbers”.

“During the encounter, troops overwhelmed the robbers thereby killing one while others escaped with gunshot wounds” he Said.

“Items recovered include one locally fabricated rifle, two mobile handsets, four rounds of 7.62mm Special ammunition and one jack knife. Currently the gallant troops have maintained vigilance in the general area to deny criminals freedom of action”. Eneche said.

The Armed Forces of Nigeria is committed to stamp out banditry and other criminal activities in the country.


She is a media entrepreneur and PR practitioner. She is a writer and a wedding/event planner. She is an aspiring Filmmaker.

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