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A Reflection Of Our Society; How Ajimobi Was Defrauded N50m On Sick Bed

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The last days of Senator Abiola Ajimobi, who died on Thursday at First Cardiology Hospital in Lagos following Coronavirus complications, was a reflection of our society; the callousness of people and the ineptitude of the several governments of the day which includes the deceased who was a former Governor in Oyo State.

Former Governor of Oyo State, H.E Abiola Ajimobi

According to our correspondent S’Teller, Senator Ajimobi’s last days was devoid of peace as he was defrauded of N50m on his sickbed.

He was rushed to the hospital weeks after his health deteriorated and soon slipped into a deep coma which he never recovered from until his last breath on Thursday.

The hospitals contacted had only limited dose of the drugs, which is closely monitored by the US authorities desperate to stop the rising number of deaths related to Coronavirus.

After being unable to get the drug in the US, members of Ajimobi circle turned attention to Bangladesh where it is being produced.

A Nigerian assured them of getting the needed quantity of Remivir to administer on the ex-Oyo governor to save his life.

As a result, a jet and N50m was dispatched to the Asian country for the purchase and delivery.

Unfortunately, the drugs procured by the Nigerian man was all counterfeit drugs, purely fake.

He pocketed good chunk of the money and left the former governor to battle for his life at the Lagos hospital where he was on a life support machine before he eventually gave up the ghost.

All our guys here in the United States couldn’t risk it because of the war act invoked by President Donald Trump that the drug should not get out of America. That was a response from the consulted persons in the US, explaining how President Trump was directly protecting citizens of the United States by not giving access to external forces who may want to get this lifesaving medicine.

According to SR, one of the contacts privy to the struggle was quoted saying;,

“It is something I was involved in from the beginning. In fact, we gave $50,000 to one of our Nigerian guy who is a doctor in Los Angeles but he returned the money. He said the hospital had only 100 dose and everything was monitored on how it is used.

“But one Nigerian guy defrauded them after claiming he could get it in Bangladesh.

“They sent a flight and paid about N50m but the drug they got from him was fake,”

The disappointment from that development further added to the pain of those close to the former governor, who passed away at the age of 70.

May the souls of the faithful departed find peace while we pray that his family be granted the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

Our society can be better, Nigerians can be better behaved if we all have a level playing field, a constituted authority that seeks to protect the welfare and wellbeing of the citizens.

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