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“I have seen worst times with my son, I felt betrayed by past doctors” – Stella Monye

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Nigerian veteran musician and actress  Stella Monye again wants Nigerians to support her financially as she strived to raise more fund for her sons surgical operation in New York.

Stella Monye wrote;

“I have seen worst times with my son. I am broken. I am suffering in silence….

When we left Nigeria in 2018, to seek what I hoped were final solutions to my son’s medical exigency, I didn’t know that the journey would last this long. For almost two years now, we are still at crossroads, even though doctors here warned that it would be a long expedition to complete care and wellness for Ibrahim. Meanwhile, during the initial consultation at Mount Sinai Hospital, the doctor hinted that this was a long recovery process and asked if we were ready for the rough road ahead. Naturally, we agreed. Ibrahim and I were desperate for a permanent solution”.

We set out from our dear country with donations from kind-hearted and compassionate Nigerians. We came to the highly recommended and very expensive Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City….

We arrived in New York as strangers, knew nobody and nowhere: no friends. No family members. Just the two of us. We began to navigate our ways through the city and the hospital. After we organized ourselves for a few days, we began to consult with the Neurology Department at the Robotic Unit of Mount Sinai Hospital. During the consultations, doctors discovered that all the surgeries and treatments done in India and Nigeria had failed. Ibrahim’s body had been severely affected by the surgeries, so they immediately scheduled medical procedures that were expensive and effective, too. We began to face serious dual bills of hospital and daily accommodation challenges.

We finally rented a nice condo where my son could return to after all the hospital distressful tests and commotion. We waited for a few weeks for test results and analyses. One day Dr. Jay Motola, a senior consultant at the urology department shocked us by stating that he had never seen such an entangled case as Ibrahim’s, in his years as a Urologist. He further shared that Mount Sinai would not be able to handle the complex care of Ibrahim. So, he referred us to another doctor in Dallas, Texas. The Texas doctor requested for our medical records for review. We sent. After his review, he referred us to New York University and highly recommended Dr. Lee. So we got to NYU and began a new procedure. It was daring. The procedure here revealed a lot of information concerning my son’s health. I felt betrayed by past doctors….

During one of our scheduled appointments at NYU Hospital, doctors told us that they had sad and good news for us: the sad news they shared was the process to Ibrahim’s treatments would be long because most of his vital organs had been damaged during previous medical procedures. The good news; repairs are achievable if we had the nerves and courage to go through the painful journey to recovery…..

A first minor surgery took place shortly after New York University accepted our case. The surgery was to be a systematic treatment procedure that included post and healing process before embarking on the next surgery.

Other procedures followed. The process has been a long and painful journey.

The last surgery Ibrahim had a few days ago was the mother of all the surgeries: Some of his vital organs went through serious reconstructing, the procedure left him with a deep scar that would make you weep. A part of his intestine was cut to reconstruct his bladder; his urethra was completely reconstructed through plastic surgery, harnessing muscles from his thighs the team of doctors just told me they are not done yet.  I have seen the worst of times with my son.

It’s been almost two years and the doctors keep reminding me of the early warnings: that this procedure would take years. I am in pains. I am suffering in silence. I know Nigerians have helped me in the past. At least I owe them these details. I understand its morbid narratives but it’s the reality I am living at the moment…. I need help… I am broken.. I have no one else to turn to but my dear kind Nigerians… This happened to my son, years ago because I went on a tour duty to serve my country. If I had known, I would have taken him with me that day this happened to him…”

These are challenges that would melt any heart and exhaust a mother’s love for her child. Stella is alone in this struggle between pain, anguish and victory for her son. We were there before. Ibrahim is a part of our growing up. We have and continued to follow his struggles to live a life without pain, outside of the hospital. The challenges have exhausted Stella financially:” I am really suffering in silence”. No woman, especially mother, should go through this agony. No. “ They sew his body at every surgery like a tailor sewing a design. The good thing is these doctors know what they are doing. They warned us it would take a while. But we are not financially prepared for this long haul. No one expected it. I am drowning”

My dear friends and followers, we cannot leave Stella to drown in distress. Not these times. We did it before. We did it for Ibrahim. We can do that again. We need N10M to support and sustain Ibrahim and Stella and the logistics of living while receiving treatments at the hospital. No amount is too small to donate Now.

Please help in any and every way. Support Ibrahim’s efforts to conquer this terrible accident that has robbed him his childhood and threatened his adulthood. Support Stella and Ibrahim Now by donating thus:


She is a media entrepreneur and PR practitioner. She is a writer and a wedding/event planner. She is an aspiring Filmmaker.

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