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Indu in a critical state and the doc says now it is all in the almighty hands.Rishi gets angry.Zara threatens the doc by holding his collar and the doc shows her the papers she signed, giving all the responsibilities to the hospital for taking care of Indira,the clause of the hospital to transfer her is also there.Zara tears off the papers.Rishi calls Zara telling her about Indu deteriorating health condition and she promises to bring back Indu mom.Rishi hang up and Zara threatens the doc with her gun asking about Indira where about and he tells her about him sending away Indira for brain experiment to an another hospital.Zara once again tells him to have a good time with his family as from now he’s time is counted and to remember her name is Zara Rishi Kumar.Rishi is running with Indu in CC street.He tries to have a lift.Zara also stops a car for a lift and tells him she has to follow the van,but the owner is not ready to help so she threatens him with her gun and takes the driving seat.Rishi is still searching for a lift and Indu wants todrink water in her unconsciousness state.

Indira van is passing by and she snatches a bottle of water from a passer and throws it near Rishi who picks it and gives water to Indu.He’s also able to stop a car who accepts to leave him to the hospital.In the van the two wardboys eyed Indira and think to take advantage of her while Indur and all the other patients are is singing.

Zara is driving harshly and Zara asks the owner of the car daughter where are they going she says to some cooking classes.Zara advises her to go to Karate classes instead.She sees the van going in front of her and has flashback of seeing it in front of the mental asylum.In the meantime Zara is following the van Savita calls and is talking rubbish that Zara misses the van as the van takes an another turn.The wardboys take Indira out from the van and lock the other patients there.Indur keeps shouting for help as they are taking away his Babli.

They bring her in the bushes and one among them begins to remove his clothes telling Indira to do the same.She begins to remove her clothes and has flashback of Rishi explaining to her that it is something bad if someone else touch her soshe stops.The man tell her to be quick and there arrive Indur and the other patients and indur gives Indira a wooden rod so that she can beats him.Indur holds him and says that how it is something yucky and disrespectful when a man forcefully tries to get a woman.They all beat the wardboys

.Zara sees the van and stops the car,she thinks where are the patients.She says thanks for the lift to the car owner.She also tells him she know she’s worried for his daughter safety,this is why may be he does not allow his daughter to go out during the night so she advises him that instead of keeping girls lock inside the house it will be better not to allow men out the house completely.She’s shocked on not seeing anyone in the van as she’s worried for Indu and she needs to take back Indira. She sees the ward boys in pain and asks where are the patients?The ward boys lies saying the turn mad and runaway after beating them.Zara thinks what will she say to Rishi?Where Indira has been?She does not have time she calls for Indira loudly.

all the patients roaming in the jungle and they all begins to feel hungry.They reaches a spot where a party is going on and Indur notices Indira is missing.Vanraj is present in the party and says that Zara must be arriving soon.Zara sees Indira clothes lying down and is panicked as she does not where to search for Indira and when Rishi calls her,to let her know about Indu being in a critical state and asks her to bring back Indira quickly she says that she’s coming soon together with Indira.As she hang up she thinks where will she search for Indira.Rishi is waiting for Zara to come and Zara disguises as Indira comes to see Indu while Indira and the other patients together with Indur enter the party in police uniforms.Vanraj sees Indira a bit weird as she’s not walking properly,he thinks…Rishi is happy on seeing Indira/Zara thinking she’s Indira he tells him how much he’s happy to see her and says that he has confidence in Zara that she’ll bring Indira.He tries to wake Indu and explains Zara how to pronounce Indu she also acts as Indira while calling Indu and asking her to get up.Rishi keeps telling to Indu her mom is here to get up and finally Zara feels bad that Indu is not waking and begins to cry,when suddenly Indu wakes up.Rishi is happy as well as Indu and she tells Zara how much Zara is bad that she left her in the mental asylum.

Zara(acting as Indira) hugs Indu and the latter says finally she recognises her daughter as she recognizes Rishi and this is the first time she hugs her.Zara leaves Indu and sits by her side when the doc arrives and tells Rishi to see what a mom is capable of, Rishi nods yes!!The party is going on and Indira slaps Vanraj.

Munna with Savita enter the party venue very well dress and Munna tells Savita he wants his photos to be in the first page.He tells the comissioner he wants a drink and asks him to bring it as he’s a very important person.In the hospital Rishi says how irresponsible is Zara to leave Indira alone in this state.Rishi tries to call her but she switches off her phone.Indu says to Rishi they will live happily afterwards and will show the door to Zara.Rishi says yes and Zara feels bad.Indu asks Rishi if ever Zara already run away?She asks Rishi to take care of her mom otherwise she’ll run away from the hospital.Rishi assures her that he’ll do,not to worry.He asks her to sleep.In the party Indur wants to cut the cake and a policeman tellshim the cake will be cut by the commissioner.Munna tells the commissioner why he did not bring his drink and he wants to meet the commissioner and is shocked and afraid when the officer asks the commissioner to come to cut the cake.Savita says now they will have to leave Delhi as they messed with the commissioner.The commissioner is cutting the cake while all the patients are cutting the table underneath and the cake falls between them.

Indur wishes happy new year to everyone and they begin to eat the cake.In the hospital Rishi keeps saying to Zara/Indira that how he believed in Zara that she’ll not leave her in the asylum but she did.He also adds that Indira is her responsibility while Zara is his love.he says how Indira is able to understand everything though in this state and Zara with a sound does not want to understand the situation and pain his going through.Zara keeps crying and wiping her tears.He says if he’ll have to chose between his love and responsibility he

Zara coming out from washroom in her Indira avtar and sees sleeping rishi andIndu and sits beside them. She puts her hands in front of Rishi’s eyes because he was getting disturbed bythe light.

She dreams that she is dancing with Rishi but when she gets back to her senses she thinks of what Rishi had said about how she has hurt him by sending Indira to asylum. She gets upset and goes outside the room and starts crying. Indu wakes up and starts shouting for her mom. Rishi comes to zara and ask about Indira .In the party, commissioner scolds everyone and Indur asks him not to scold Indira because she is ill. commissioner orders vanraj to send all of them to asylum .Rishi tells Zara that he knows that she is Zara but was silent because of Indu.

Zara gets shocked and tells him that she does not know anything about her whereabouts. She says she too is worried about her and wonders what will happen if something happens to her. Rishi slaps her. Rishi says nothing will happen to Indira . Indu comes out of room. Rishi asks indu not to misunderstand. Indu tells him not to shout at hermom or else she will file complaint against him. Rishi tells her to go inside and he has to talk to Zara. indu exclaims zara! He covers up by saying he wants to talk to Zara on phone.

Indu asks rishi to kiss Indira (zara) to make up for the scoldings and RK kisses her. Indu goes inside. Zara gets a call from vanraj who tells her about Indira and she asks about where is Indira . vanraj says that indira is in party and tells her to come fast as commissioner is sending her to asylum. Rishi snatches the phone and asks Vanraj not to send her to asylumand adds that he is coming. Rishi tells Zara to stay back as Indira and goes .


Kutumb speaks ill of INDIRA and Indu comes and threatens Kutumb not to anything against her mom else she’ll tell everything to RK and starts coughing. Zara gives water to Indu. Indu tells Kutumb to serve dinner to both of them. Zara goes to Indu’s room and starts talking to herself that she thought that Indira is so unlucky that she has family like Sharma’s but was wrong because she has a daughter like Indu who loves her so much even in this situation. While she is saying all this Indu is also coming to her room.

Zara talking to Indira picture telling her how lucky she’s to have a sweet family consisting of Rishi and indu while the latter is coming in the room where’s Zara,she also says that she can’t share Rishi with her.Indu arrives and calls her mum and if she’s talking ara says Rishi…Indu asks where’s Rishi? Rishi is searching for Vanraj as Indira went with him he checks his phone and notices that his battery is low so he must have missed Vanraj calls. kutumbh calls Indira and Indu for dinner.Indu makes zara sits on her usual chair and tells her she’s still as important as she was before.kutumbh is not happy with this and while serving Zara dhalls she sees the lizard lying in the dalls and feels yucky she removes it and serves Zara the same dalls.Indu asks why she did not give her some Kutumbh says the dalls is over,Indu thinks no matter she’ll share the dalls from with her mom as she begins to eat Zara holds her hand and Indu notices her hand.Vanraj with Indira and all the others followed by Rishi who’s in a rickshaw arrive at SN.Vanraj is paying the auto rickshaw driver when Munna tells Indur that he messed everything.He would have got his photos printed in the 3rd page of the newspaper. Savita gets angry and says that everything was going on smoothly and Indira is the one who messed it she raises her hand to slap Indira(the mad one)Rishi holds her hand and Munna says why is she doing all these while Indira enters SN.Indu asks Zara how her hand is cured so quickly to which she does not answer.Indira playing,jumping arrives in the dining room and she sees Zara dressed as her she’s shocked(Is this Zara really MAD she knows to differentiate? DOUBT! DOUBT!)Indu also sees Indira and everyone arrive.Indira says Rishi-Rishi then tries to say that Zara is dress like her.Indu asks Zara who’s she?Kutumbh gets a shock and asks why is Zara acting as Indira?(Kutumbh thinks of her 15 Lakhs and she gave lizard dalls to her)

Zara says she’s Zara..and Rishi tells them Zara did all these for the sake of Indu.Indu asks why for her? If everyone thinks that she’s so stupid.She says no one can be compared to her mom only Zara face is like Indira but her heart…impossible.Indu says she wanted her mom not some duplicate,where was her mom?She adamantly asks Rishi where was Indira?Rishi tries to explain but in vain.She continuously asks Rishi about Indira where about… Zara tells her she went to take Indira from the hospital but she was lost.Indu asks who’s she to take Indira to the hospital why is she staying in their house?She’s a cop she must know the law it is not allow to stay in someone else house.Zara is hurt and says to Indu this house belong to her equally.Rishi tells Zara to keep quiet, But Zara says no she’s hurt she has a feelings also and she cannot take it when someone will malign their relationship.Zara tells Indu that Indira may be her mom but not Rishi wife because she was far from him for more than 7 yrs.Rishi tries again to explain to Zara to keep quiet but she finally tells Indu that rishi is her hubby and it is her right to stay with her hubby and Rishi is only her’s.Indira Slaps Zara…Zara says to Indira she slapped her first Rishi slapped her and now Indira she asks everyone to slap her if this is the reward for loving someone.Rishi is going near Zara but Indu stops him and tells him to answer to her questions.She asks Rishi if he really married Zara Rishi is quiet and worried She tells him she already told him that she does not want any step mom.She curses Rishi. Kutumbh thinks well and is happy she tells Rishi why he hides such a big necessary things from them.rishi assures Indu that he never married Zara Indu is ill he tells Zarashe must think well before talking and the latter is thinks of her marriage with Rishi while he’s signaling her to keep quiet.Zara leaves from there and Kutumbh asks Rishi again if the marriage is true.Savita says it must be true that’s why zara left.Indu says Rishi will never take sucha step like that w/o asking her.She asks Rishi if itis true that Rishi and Indira are no more husband and wife?Rishi tells her because Indira was not in her life for more than 7 yrs.Indu thinks to herself she will make Indira and Rishi wedding again.

Zara is very disturbs and sad and is in her room,looking at her marriage certificate with some flashbacks of when Rishi proposed her for the marriage.She thinks of Rishi saying to Indu he never married Zara.she looks herself in the mirror and thinks what a bad destiny she has got.Indira is coming downstairs and Kutumbh thinks that she’s Zara and goes to talk with her.She sprinkles cold water on Kutumbh which irks her.Rishi feeds Indira food.Zara thinks that Rishi is shared between her and Indira.Kutumbh asks Zara why she brought Indira back Zara tells her to shut up as she’s the biological of Indira and Kutumbh tells her about her problems that she needs to feed everyone and there’s no one to work in the house so she’s ready to sacrifice Indira for it.Zara tells her she’s the most selfish mom on this earth who’s using her selfishness to clarify herself.Kutumbh asks her if she’s married to Rishi on seeing Rishi coming she keeps quiet and Kutumbh tells her to think about herself.Rishi tells Zara to think about Indu when Zara tells him not to talk with her until he explains everything to Indu.He tells her to try to understand Indu and he’s waiting for Indu to get well.Zara leaves.Munna is excited on seeing his photo with the commissioner in the newspaper and he calls Savita saying he looks dashing.He asks Savita to bring some hot water for him and Savita thinks she’s tired of all these.Savita puts Indira/Lw hand in the hot water to check the water temp.Seher sees her and calls Rishi.savita lies saying Indira/LW herself puts her hand in the hot water.Savita is angry on Seher.and says she falls down because of INDIRA .Savita also breaks the head of INDIRA doll.Indu tells Savita to stop her dramas.Munna brings an invitation card of Savita brotherwho’s getting married in Mumbai and Savita feels ecstactic and dances.

Rishi asks her if she’s feeling better and leaves.Indu Seher and INDIRA are outside SN and Indu is trying to apply some ointment on her burn hand and she’s not letting indu.Indu shows her a toys vendor and INDIRA choose a barbie doll dress as a bride.Kutumbh also is ready to go to Mumbai in the wedding.Munna asks savita how come his poor brother is getting married and Savita tells her that the Deshmukh family did all the arrangements.Indu sees Savita dancing and she tells Savita to stop her dramas and Savita also tells Indu to stop threatening her as Zara will be the owner of the house the day she marries Rishi.Zara is leaving and Rishi sees her he tries to stopher,but in vain as Zara says enough is enough .Zara tells him she’s going to Mumbai and tells not to stop her.Zara sees INDIRA with a bride dupatta and both Zara and Rishi are surprise.Rishi asks Indu about it she ties the knot of INDIRA and Rishi and says as hermom is no more Rishi wife she’ll make their wedding and she’ll adorn her mom like a bride everyone will keep on looking.Savita shows Kutumbh Rishi and Zara marriage certificate saying how can Rishi marries INDIRA now.Kutumbh is extremely happy.Indu tells Zara to leave as she may lose her flight or train.Rishi tries to stop Zara but to no avail.Kutumbh also tries to stop her but she leaves, and INDIRA says bye to her.

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