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Indu running upstairs and Rishi following her.Rishi tries to stop her as she threatens him she’ll jump if Indira is not back home.She tells him to promise not to marry Zara and he says yes he’ll bring Indira back home and will stay far away from Zara.She comes back and Rishi all afraid picks her up.Rishi tells her not to so and Indu gets down tells him that he’ll always remain the same Rishi till Zara is in SN.He must throw her out as Zara never wants the best for Indira.In the mental asylum Zara handles the check of 15 thousands rupees to the doc so that he can give the proper treatment to Indira she says she’s helping herself.The doc says she’s a very large hearted person as who will do so nowadays.The doctor tells the ward boys to take away indira but he feels that Indira wants to say something to Zara he tells Zara to meet her.She refuses,as she does not want to get emotional.Indira is being dragged away by the ward boys but she still wants to say something to Zara.Zara is quiet and the doc again says that Indira wants to talk.Zara gives the doc all Indira belongings and the chocolates for Indira telling him to give it to her when she’s angry.Indira pushes away the ward boys and runs to Zara.The doctor advises Zara to hear what Indira wants to say.Indira holds Zara face and is saying something when Zara falls to her feet and begs her to forgive her as Rishi was her hubby and now he’s her hubby and she can’t share her love with her.the first time she gets someone whom she may call her’s and she wants to come out from her past.Indira makes her stand up and makes her sits she also wipes her tears,this makes Zara puzzles and gives her the mangalsutra.Indira tries to say something about Rishi…Zara asks she put herself in danger only to save the mangalsutra for her.Zara takes it ans says thanks while Indira says bye and signals her not to cry.The ward boys hold her ,and she says bye to Zara.Zara keeps looking at the mangalsutra.Rishi at home is telling to Indu how much he has faith in Zara and that she’ll not leave Indira in the asylum.Seher tells Indu Zara is back and Rishi with Indu go downstairs to meet her.Rishi tells Indu that Zara is not that bad look she has taken back Indira.Indu goes to check in the van and says Indira is not in the jeep,rishi is shock.Indu asks Zara about Indira whereabouts and she says she left her in the mental hospital as she will be better treated there.Indira is shown playing with an another patient who pushes her against the wall.

She hits her head and falls down.Here in SN Indira falls unconscious and Rishi very anxious takes her upstairs he calls for the doc.In the mental asylum Indira is being dragged by two ward boys and they put her on the bed.In Sn everyone is showing concern for Indu,Indur is searchingf or Indira everywhere.When Savita tries to come near Indu,Rishi yells at her saying no need for someone to show fake concern for his daughter as he’s still here leaving both Savita and Zara in a shock state.

Rishi stopping Savita to touch Indu.Zara is shocked.Savita says that Indu also is needed to be sent to the mental asylum as she keeps on threatening to jump from the terrace.Zara gets angry and asks Savita if she wants to be sent to the hospital for her weird reaction.Indur says and thinks about hospital.In the asylum two ward boys are talking about Indira and one of them says why is the doctor taking the blood when Indira head is bleeding the other says you are new here so you don’t know,it is all because her blood is rare and on selling this one the doc will get more money,and patient from the asylum is sent for brain experiment.The new ward boy asks what if the patient is dead the other says the doc keeps on sending the fake reports to the patient family saying there’s improvement in the patient and the new asks if the patient dies then?the other says a fake post mortuem reports is made and presented to the family.The doctor is in SN for Indu and says she’s got atrauma when Indu keeps calling for her mom in her unconscious state.Zara is very concerns and sad about to what happened to Indu.Rishi is putting a damp cloth of cold water on Indu forehead to give her some relief.As he decides to go to change the water Zara tells him she’s sorry but he’s angry and asks Zara to say sorry to Indu!! Why will she do so he’s so stupid to have expected lots from her, he has hoped that Zara will pay heed to Indu word and lets Indira is in SN for humanity,to think she’ll take care of Indu he’s sorry for all what he expected but he says not to worry as he has already forgiven her.Zara is more hurt as Rishi has forgiven her but he also makes her a stranger and she holds unconscious Indu hand and cries saying she thought by taking away Indira from Rishi she’ll get her love but what happened is thecontrary she lost Indu also..

Two wardboys are dragging Indira in the asylum corridor and she sees a man thinking is Rishi when she goes near he pushes her away and she falls down.Indira sees how the other patients are being beaten and she’s afraid she keeps on calling Rishi.Zara goes to pray for Indu well being in the dargah,she asks to be forgiven for her selfishness and she sees some burning coals lying over there.In SN Rishi is very worried for Indu whose health is deteriorating.He keeps on asking Indu to open her eyes.Zara decides to walk on the burning coals asking to be forgiven she has flashbacks of all what happened Indira in the asylum Indu unconscious and Rishi hard words.In the asylum the wardboys are ready with the van to take away the patients.The prist tells Zara to correct what she did wrong instead of walking on the coal.In the asylum Indira does not want to go and is hiding when Indur searching for her arrives in the mental asylum.Indur keeps on calling Babli and finally Indira sees him and hugs him.She tries to talk about Rishi and Indur keeps saying Yes to her.In SN the doc arrives and tells Rishi about Indu deteriorating health solution is only to get her what she wants,and Rishi says to Indu if she wants her mom back this is what will happen.Zara calls Rishi and tells him about his changed decision that she’s going to take back Indira from the asylum as Indu is most interested to her and she knows Rishi also wants it.Rishi is happy,when Zara asks him this is what he also wants.Zara says she wants to prove him her true love.Indur stops the wardboy from taking away Indira.The man asks Indur who’s he?Indur keeps on thinking while the man keeps dragging Indira to the van.Indur stops him saying he has remembered who he’s.He says…president.Zara takes a taxi to the asylum and is on her way.The man asks to put Indira in the van and Indur yells with some more respected way.Indur asks where are they going and the man says to the white house.They put Indira in the van and locks it.Indira sees Zara getting out from the taxi and tries to call him but to no avail as some other patients pushes her at the back when Zara gives a look to the van.Zara enters the asylum and asks the doc about Indira where about and says she’s here to take her back home.
Everyone are shocked and quiet.In SN the doc says to Rishi he’s sorry as nothing cannot be done for Indu.

Indu in a critical state and the doc says now it is all in the almighty hands.Rishi gets angry.Zara threatens the doc by holding his collar and the doc shows her the papers she signed, giving all the responsibilities to the hospital for taking care of Indira,the clause of the hospital to transfer her is also there.Zara tears off the papers.Rishi calls Zara telling her about Indu deteriorating health condition and she promises to bring back Indu mom.Rishi hang up and Zara threatens the doc with her gun asking about Indira where about and he tells her about him sending away Indira for brain experiment to an another hospital.Zara once again tells him to have a good time with his family as from now he’s time is counted and to remember her name is Zara Rishi Kumar.Rishi is running with Indu in CC street.He tries to have a lift.Zara also stops a car for a lift and tells him she has to follow the van,but the owner is not ready to help so she threatens him with her gun and takes the driving seat.Rishi is still searching for a lift and Indu wants to drink water in her unconsciousness state.Indira van is passing by and she snatches a bottle of water from a passer and throws it near Rishi who picks it and gives water to Indu.He’s also able to stop a car who accepts to leave him to the hospital.In the van the two ward boys eyed Indira and think to take advantage of her while Indur and all the other patients are is singing.Zara is driving harshly and Zara asks the owner of the car daughter where are they going she says to some cooking classes.Zara advice her to go to Karate classes instead.She sees the van going in front of her and has flashback of seeing it in front of the mental asylum.In the meantime Zara is following the van Savita calls and is talking rubbish that Zara misses the van as the van takes an another turn.The wardboys take Indira out from the van and lock the other patients there.Indur keeps shouting for help as they are taking away his Babli. They bring her in the bushes and one among them begins to remove his clothes telling Indira to do the same.She begins to remove her clothes and has flashback of Rishi explaining to her that it is something bad if someone else touch her soshe stops.The man tell her to be quick and there arrive Indur and the other patients and indur gives Indira a wooden rod so that she can beats him.Indur holds him and says that how it is something yucky and disrespectful when a man forcefully tries to get a woman.They all beat the wardboys.Zara sees the van and stops the car,she thinks where are the patients.She says thanks for the lift to the car owner.She also tells him she knowshe’s worried for his daughter safety,this is why may be he does not allow his daughter to go out during the night so she advices him that instead of keeping girls lock inside the house it will be better not to allow men out the house completely.She’s shocked on not seeing anyone in the van as she’s worried for Indu and she needs to take back Indira. She sees the wardboys in pain and asks where are the patients?The wardboys lies saying the turn mad and runaway after beating them.Zara thinks what will she say to Rishi?Where Indira has been?She does not have time she calls for Indira loudly.

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