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Pragya calls Aaliya and asks how dare she to call Sarla and provoked her against them. Aaliya says she is behind this plotting. She accepts to have given idea to Abhi, then calling Sarla and telling her everything, and then asking Abhi to inform Sarla about engagement. She says I believe in transparency, and asks if she will stop the engagement or see her mum’s health. She says she will take special care of Sarla on her engagement day, as she will give her shock later on to make her die. She asks her to think about saving Sarla or stopping her engagement, and says she will make plan now. Pragya thinks what she will do now.

Mitali asks Dadi to have food. Dadi says she don’t want to have food. Pragya comes. Mitali asks her to feed food to Dadi. Pragya takes plate from her. Dadi asks Pragya about Sarla’s mood and asks if she scolded you. Pragya asks her to do breakfast first. Dadi says okay and eats food. She asks how is Sarla’s mood? Pragya says Sarla gave them one day’s time and if they couldn’t stop engagement then…she will tell truth to Abhi. She calls Purab. Purab says he has some idea and says he will come and tell them. Pragya asks him to come. Dadi prays to God to stop this engagement. Pragya asks Dadi to have breakfast.

Abhi tries different clothes looking in the mirror. Pragya comes there. Abhi says he will bear the engagement expenses as he exploded bomb on them. He says it was Aaliya’s idea. Pragya refuses to take his favor. Abhi says I will cut expenses from your salary and will do maximum expenses so that you can stay with me for forever, says bandhua mazdoor. Pragya is shocked and wonders what to do, as Purab is coming now. They reach the shopping mall. Aaliya taunts Pragya and says some people marries twice. Abhi says this is her first time marriage. Abhi goes to check something. Aaliya says she made Abhi shopping for her engagement.

Tanu taunts her. Pragya tells Aaliya that this engagement will not happen, and says you will know after reaching home. She says Abhi will get closer to me, the more you try to separate him from me. She says he will be with me all day today, and will decorate my Doli when he gets married to me. She says I have many ideas to stop engagement, may be I will forcibly get engaged to him, then what you will do. Tanu and Aaliya are shocked and angry. Tanu tells Aaliya that they shall not reply her. Aaliya challenges her that she will see if Abhi marries her or Tanu. Tanu stops Aaliya.

Abhi calls Pragya as fuggi. Salesgirl asks who is fuggi? Abhi says she is the one for whom I am selecting this dress. Pragya comes there and asks if he called her. Abhi praises Pragya and says she is his biggest fan and his best friend, goes on praising her and her qualities. Salesgirl says she is pretty. Pragya asks Abhi to stop praising her and asks where is the dress. Salesgirl shows the dresses and asks them to stand there, so that she can try the dress on Pragya, and asks Abhi to tell how that dress is looking on her. Abhi says so she will be statue, and asks Pragya not to move. Bheegi Bheegi Sadakon me main…Sanam Re.plays………………Abhi tries dresses on Pragya and makes her wear dupatta. Aaliya and Tanu are upset.

Abhi looks at Pragya and they have an eye lock. He says you are looking like a bride. Aaliya says she is romancing Abhi and asks Tanu to stop them. Tanu says okay and goes. She asks Abhi if Pragya selected the dress. Abhi says yes. Tanu says lets select dress for me. She checks lehenga and says this is the lehenga which I have shortlisted for our marriage. She says she will go to trial room. Abhi says we came here for Pragya’s engagement shopping. Tanu asks if we can’t shop for me, and asks him to come and stand outside Trial room. Abhi says okay I will come. Pragya gets upset. Tanu smiles. She asks the salesgirl to send the dress to Trial room. Salesgirl asks you are here? Tanu asks do I know you? Salesgirl says you came with that Sir/Man. Tanu is tensed.

a salegirl telling Tanu that she saw her before also, when she came with someone to buy a dress. Tanu says you are mistaken and tells that she came here for first time. Salesgirl tells that she is sure that she saw her only and have her pic also. Pragya asks if she is sure? Salesgirl tells that the man with whom you had come, used to visit here often. Tanu gets angry on the salesgirl. Salesgirl tells that she is not lying and asks them to confirm with the person who came with Tanu last time. Pragya says lets see. Purab comes home. Mitali informs him that Abhi, Pragya, Tanu and Aaliya went out for shopping. Purab says okay, I will wait. Mitali thinks why he is so tensed and what is he thinking? She asks him to tell if there is something urgent. Purab says nothing. She asks
if he needs tea or coffee. Purab says no. Dadi comes. Purab asks where did they go? Dadi says for shopping. Mitali asks how you will stop the happening? Purab is about to tell her, but changes topic seeing Mitali spying on them. He asks if you have taken tablets.

Tanu wonders what will happen now. Pragya tells Tanu that they will see if her ex boyfriend makes her life or ruins it. Salesgirl takes Abhi and Pragya to Nikhil. He greets her and asks how she is doing? Salesgirl says I want you to meet your friend. Nikhil is shocked to see Tanu there. Pragya thinks who will save you now. Nikhil introduces himself as Nikhil Sood. Abhi asks do you know him? Aaliya says he is Nikhil and Tanu knows him. Tanu is shocked and says yes…I forgot. I met him through Aaliya. Aaliya tells Abhi that Nikhil is a really nice guy and tells that she called him for his sangeet with Tanu. Pragya looks on. Aaliya says he got us advertisement, and says he is good at his job. Abhi says he should have meet me. Aaliya thanks Salesgirl and asks her to do her work. She asks Nikhil what is he doing here? He says I came to shop here. Aaliya asks Abhi if she can invite Nikhil for Purab and Pragya’s engagement. Abhi says yes. Nikhil is surprised and says that is a news. Aaliya says Abhi is doing all arrangements. Nikhil congratulates Pragya. Tanu smiles. Nikhil goes.

Aaliya says I am so glad that you met him. She asks Pragya why she didn’t select any dress till now. Pragya says no. Aaliya asks Abhi to take her and make her select a dress. Abhi asks her to come. Tanu thanks Aaliya for saving her. She tells her that she made Pragya jealous and selected lehenga which Abhi has chosen for Pragya. She says she asked Abhi to come outside Trial room and tells that she will spend time with him in the trial room and make Pragya jealous. Aaliya asks Abhi to go as Tanu called him near Trial room. Pragya selects suits for Abhi and checks price tag. Aaliya scares her and tells that she will help her, and asks her not to worry about payment. She tells her that Abhi is calling her.

Pragya looks on and goes. Aaliya thinks Pragya will get jealous seeing Abhi and Tanu closer. Abhi goes to Trial room. Tanu asks him to come inside and drags him inside. Pragya and Aaliya come there. Aaliya tries to make her feel jealous and says once he marries Tanu, then you will be waiting like this outside, and Tanu will be with him very closely in room. Tanu asks Abhi to help her and zips her blouse. She talks loudly and asks him to be gentle. Aaliya says may be they are romancing in the room. Pragya tries to go. Aaliya asks what shall I tell to Abhi.

Abhi gets blurred flashes of Pragya. He tells Tanu to wear some other dress and let Pragya wear this, and goes. He comes out of trial room and sees Pragya holding a jacket. He asks if she selected this for Purab. Pragya says no, for you. Abhi gets happy and says I will try it, and asks her to try her dresses. Aaliya scolds Tanu for not been able to make Pragya jealous. Tanu tells her that she tried to get closer to Abhi, but he got tensed and goes. Aaliya asks her to change clothes and come out.

Abhi wears jacket and thinks only Pragya knows his choice well than him. He knocks on the trial rooms and thinks where is she? He comes to her trial room and asks if she is inside. Pragya says yes, and asks if he has some work. Abhi says I am wearing the jacket chosen by you. Pragya asks how you are looking? She says I know you are looking good…Abhi asks how can you see me, if there is a hole in the door. Pragya says she is seeing him with her heart eyes, and says she can see him anytime.

Pragya telling Abhi that she saw him with her inner eyes. Abhi asks her to come out and see his jacket. Pragya shouts while pinning her dupatta. Abhi asks her to open the door. Pragya says pin was pierced on her back. Abhi asks her to open the door. Pragya says she is fine. He gets inside and says your back is reddish, and asks her if she has ointment or antiseptic cream. Pragya says no. Abhi says girls keep such things. He asks her to stand silently and is about to kiss her wound, he stops and thinks what he is doing. He says I can’t see you in pain. Pragya says you couldn’t see my pain as I am your wi…and then stops and says best friend. Abhi thanks him for making him guilt free. Pragya says sometimes we fall in love at one sight or sometimes at every glance, and
thanks him. Abhi asks her to check his jacket. Pragya smiles. Abhi says he never saw such beautiful girl before in his life until now. He says you are looking very beautiful and asks if she has lipstick. Pragya checks in her purse and says she has lip liner.

Abhi takes it in his hand. Pragya says it is lip liner and not eye liner. Abhi asks her to keep quiet for a minute and applies bindi with lip liner. Allah Wariyan plays…………..He covers her head with dupatta..and admires her beauty. Pragya is touched and happy. Abhi says you are looking like….Pragya asks what? He turns her towards mirror and says you are looking like a bride, whom anyone wants to make bahu…and says Dadi will be very happy. Pragya asks what about you? Abhi says I am very happy as my one best friend is marrying other, I am happy. He thinks whenever I see her, I feel like you becomes mine for forever. Pragya thinks how to tell you that you are mine, and I am yours. Tanu comes back to Aaliya and says they are not here, she searched them everywhere. Aaliya says you are unbelievable and tells that Pragya took advantage. They go towards trial room. Aaliya calls Bhai. Tanu asks her to call him rather than calling his name. Abhi’s phone rings.

Abhi picks the call. Aaliya asks where are you? Abhi says I am in the showroom’s trial room. Aaliya asks if you are in ladies trial room. Abhi says yes, hesitantly. Aaliya says are you with Pragya? Abhi says yes, and says we are coming out. He tells Pragya…you are nice..and asks her to come. Pragya blushes. They come out. Aaliya asks what you were doing with her inside. Abhi says nothing. Tanu is worried. Aaliya says what you was doing? Abhi says he went inside to check her wound. Tanu asks if you are a doctor and says she is looking fine. Abhi says she has wound on back. He says he has tasted wound indirectly. Tanu asks him to tell who got the wound. Abhi says I went inside to see her dress. Aaliya says she can come outside and show you. Abhi says I made her ready. He says I applied bindi on her forehead and made her wear dupatta. He says she looks cute with specs.

Tanu asks did you try jacket inside. Abhi says I went inside to show my jacket to her. Aaliya asks when did you change your jacket. Abhi says when I went inside, I thought to impress her and showed my jacket. He says we both got each other ready. Tanu asks what you are saying. Abhi says I am looking good as if we are getting engaged tomorrow. He says I will select her marriage dress. Tanu asks if you are her dress designer. Abhi says I will not select her dress for free, and tells that she will select his dresses for life. He says we can appreciate each other’s clothing. Tanu asks him not to keep her as designer. He goes to change dress. Pragya says what your mum said, that if a husband selects a dress for his wife, then their love is increased. Tanu is irked. Aaliya asks Tanu to let her fly and says her features will be cut once she gets engaged to Purab.

Tai ji asks Mitali to have some food. Mitali asks her to keep few things for her, and says something is going to happen in the house. Purab waits for Abhi and Pragya to come. Abhi comes and tells that they have done shopping. He says hats off to girls and women…how can they shop while hungry. He says I am dying with hunger. He tells Purab that he bought something for him. He says I have a surprise for you….Purab asks what? Abhi says I have shopped for you also. He says I have selected your dress and Pragya has selected mine. Purab says I want to tell you something. Abhi asks him to first go and try the clothes. He says tomorrow is your engagement, so you shall stay here, we will talk all night. Purab asks him to stop it and asks him to listen to him once. He says I wanted to tell you…that..Abhi says I was talking about your engagement. Purab says stop it…I have decided not to get engaged. Abhi is shocked. Pragya smiles.

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