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Kutumb tells Zara that except Rishi and Indu all of them believe that she is Indira. Zara says and that’s because of the prize money. She tells everyone that Indirais Indira and after Munna left from the funeral site, pandit was trying to keep up the fire for which he left and came back to see that the body wasn’t there so he gave fake ashes to munna. Nearby villagers told her that it was the time of riots and they had spotted her then. Her hand was burnt and there was another man who was injured in riots but they suddenly disappeared.Rishi yells at munna and munna retorts back saying that he was always careless but Rishi , how could he cremate Indira alive.Rishi too feels bad.Zara tells him that he shouldn’t because it was shweta’s fault. She prematurely declared that Indira was dead because in brain tumor cases it sometimes happens that the patient stops breathing for a while.Zara then starts to say that their Indira is back why are they all sad, Rishi got his shrimatiji back and while saying all this she collapses.

Rishi goes to console Zara but Indira comes and takes Rishi away. Rishi keeps looking at Zara. After Rishi is gone, Kutumb consoles Zara and tells her that they love her very much. Inder taunta that when Indira and Rishi’s marriage broke up this loving mother sent Indira in the bridal wear to office and did not even let her change, that’s how practical Kutumb is. Kutumb gets back at him saying that for running a family sometimes tough decision have to be taken and she has once shared his husband’s love with someone else but Zara should not compromise. Zara leaves from there.Zara is looking at a file (her marriage certificate) vermillion powder and her mangalsutra. She leaves the room and sees Rishi carrying a blanket to cover Indu and Indira. She remembers that while returning after their wedding ‘when she was feeling cold in auto Rishi had given her the shawl and when she asked if she will stay in barsati he replied that she will stay in his heart. Zara asked if there is a bed in his heart. He said how unromantic she was and that now she owns his heart and the house’.Zara thinks that though she has revealed Indira’s identity but she herself is in identity crisis. Ishan comes saying bua, Zara asks him what to which he says that he wasn’t calling her but his and he suddenly stops and says that he meant he was calling Indira. He sees that Indira had slept. He thanks Zara for whatever she did and says that he can understand what she is going through. Zara cuts him and says that he cant understand it leaving Ishan speechless.

He leaves. Zara looks at her things i.e. the sindur , mangalsutra and the file.Indira is sleeping and Rishi holds Indira’s hand and apologizes . while doing so he sees a sad Zara and tries to leave but Indira is holding his hands. He tries to loosen the grip and tells Zara to wait. Zara leaves.Kutumb is ranting infront of Munna and savita. Munna asks Kutumb that did she not feel happy that Indira returned. Kutumb Munna Savita have a stupid funny scene.Zara keeps her sindur and mangalsutra aside when Rishi comes and asks her about what has happened. Zara taunts him about finally he has time for her. Rishi says that why is she talking that way and that she knows that he wasn’t at fault. She says that she is hurt because they are related. Rishi says if she will leave him alone. She said that she did return his love to him , the one who his room (soul) was calling out to and now what does he want. He replies love. She asks about what about Indira then and that if she wanted she could legally have Rishi as her husband but what will she do of love which is meant for Indira. He says that but now you reside in my heart. She says he is lying and that its only Indira who resides everywhere in his heart and that he had loved Zara because he thought she was Indira. Rishi says that she once asked a question that will he still love her if she is not Indira and the answer was just this: I love you Zara ji and that you are only mine. Zara asks about Indira and he says that she is only a responsibility and all he wants is Zara. Indira is shown climbing some stairs. Rishi hugs Zara and is crying. He says that he is ready to prove his love and all he wants is his wife i.e. Zara. Zara sees Indira sprinkling vermillion powder(that she had kept aside) on her head .

Zara sees Indira playing with the mangalsutra. She breaks away the hug and rushes to grab her mangalsutra. She warns Indira about it and tells Rishi that now is the time to prove his love. She asks him to send Indira back to mental hospital where she will receive better care. Rishi tells her that she isn’t trying to understand the situation and that he holds himself responsible for her condition and so he will have to take care of her. Zara replies that as a police officer she has learnt to stand against wrong and now isn’t it wrong that she has to take care of her husband’s first wife. Indira meanwhile comes near Zara and snatches the mangalsutra away. Zara lunges forward but Indira goes away. Rishi tries to talk Indira into giving it back but Indira does not deter. Rishi shouts on her. She is afraid. Rishi again politely tries to convince her. She goes to Zara and is about to give it away but then teases her and goes away. Rishi runs behind her and then finally asks her to give it back to Zara. She throws it near Zara. Rishi picks it up and hands it over and tells Zara that Indira is like a small kid and the love and care we can give her, people in mental hospital won’t. Indira throws a flower at Rishi. Rishi tells her to come and take the flower. She comes and holds Rishi. Zara tells Rishi that Indira can stay here but she will leave. Rishi tells her that he will drop Indira in mental hospital in the morning but what when Indu asks about her. Zara says Indu is a child and they will handle her but LW has to go to hospital and she doesn’t want to act as a heartless woman, she just wants her rights and ifit was Indira in her situation, she would have done the same. Rishi says that when he comes back from mental hospital tomorrow, if she can then return the old Zara back who is lost in her selfishness. He leaves with Indira.Rishi is returning from Indira’s room when Munna comes to ask for apology and tells him that he is really sorry and asks Rishi to talk to him because he loves Rishi very much. Kutumb comes and Rishi tells them that he will take Indira back to mental hospital and asks them not to tell Indu about it. they agree. Rishi thinks about recent events with Indira and feels bad.In the morning, Rishi comes to Indira’s room where Indu is brushing Indira’s teeth and tells her that she will take Indira to park to meet her friends today. Kutumb is calling Indu. Indu is coughing. Rishi tells Indu to go to Kutumb and buttons her sweater since its cold now and she is coughing. He tells her to take medicine.While she is leaving, he asks her to hug Indira and say bye. Indu asks if Indira is going somewhere. Hesays just to make Indira feel good. Indu agrees. She hugs Indira but Indira pushes her off. Rishi makes them hug. Indira hugs her tightly. Indu leaves. Kutumb gives Indu and they advertise dabur honitus. Indu and seher are playing when Kutumb thinks about Rishi’s words that Indu should not come to know that Indira is going to mental hospital. She tells both of them to learn dance from Vanraj. They leave.Rishi tells Indira that they will go to circus. He is teary eyed while telling her about it. Indira jumps and hugs Rishi.

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