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Indu then feeds her and gives indira her jacket when she is feeling cold. Indu makes sleeping arrangements for her and make sher lie down. While indira is sleeping Indu says that tomorrow we will call someone who will take you back home, Rishi Kumar. indira immediately opens her eyes. Rati is the best, I have just tried my hand at writing what she did but is not even a percent of what she did In the morning Indu comes back and shoos away the people who have gathered around indira . She then makes indira brush and gives her chocolate. She takes indira to a P.C.O. and calls Rishi. Vanraj takes the call and tells Indu that his papa is busy. In Mumbai Zashi get married. Indu calls again , Vanraj is going to take the call but Rishi takes the mobile phone from him. He talks to Indu and Indu says that she wants him to talk to someone. She hands over the receiver to indira who seems overjoyed to hear Rishi’s voice. Rishi could not hear her voice. Indu ties the rooster outside the P.C.O. . A man comes in the P.C.O.and snatches the phone. Inder sees the rooster and calls it Jhumpa and unties it. Indu scares the person who owns P.C.O. with her catapult and he lets them make another call. Indu calls Rishi again but the rooster flies in and indira drops the phone. Rishi is confused. indira runs to catch the rooster and ends up spoiling other’s goods. AT SN, they are discussing about where Indu is. Rishi calls back home and Munna picks the call up and says Indu is not home. Rishi asks where is she then. Kutumb takes the phone from Munna and tells Rishi that she went to school. Rishi tells them about the call and Kutumb seems worried. She asks him about Zara and he tells her they are coming back and because of some unknown reason he can’t stay away from Delhi now. Kutumb is left pondering.

Rishi is talking to Kutumb on the phone. Rishi says that he can’t stay away from Delhi anymore and there is something that is attracting him to Delhi now. Kutumb says that it must be Indu, after all she is your daughter. She asks him to hand the phone over to Zara. She asks Zara how is she. She adds that bomb blast shook her and if she and her prize money is okay. . Zara smiles and says that I was wondering why had you not ask me that question yet. She adds that she will come to Delhi and then talk because now that’s where she has to live and die. They cut the call. Zara tells Rishi that a few people will never change. Kutumb says money is safe. Munna says you are so cheap mummy. Someone shouts from outside “Sharma niwasio, bahar niklo(come out)” Everyone is complaining about indira who has destroyed their things. indira looks scared. Indu comes. Kutumb asks Indu why was she roaming about with indira when she was told otherwise and tells her to go inside. Indu jerks her off. And while everyone is shouting at indira that she is mad,Indu intervenes and says that she isn’t mad , she is her mummy. Everyone laughs at her. Kutumb tells everyone that she won’t pay for anything . People tell her that they will have to pay because Indu brought indira . Savita says that Indu always gets them in some or the other trouble. Indu tells her to keep her mouth shut andtells everyone that indira is Indira Sharma, iron lady. Everyone is teasing indira , Indu again asks them to shut up and hugs indira . indira pushes her off. Everyone starts teasing her again and calls her murgichor. indira is confused and scared and slaps a woman in the chaos. The woman says that indira is not only mad but dangerous too. Everyone starts asking Kutumb for money again. Kutumb decides to call a mental asylum and asks the people to tie indira by the lamp post so that she does not create fuss again. Indu protests but is held back by Savita. Other take indira and tie her to the lamp post.

Kutumb calls up at the asylum. Savita drags Indu upstairs and locks her in a room. Indu keeps banging the door on the other hand indira ‘s potli is lying at a distance and she cannot reach it but finally grabs it and looks at a sari. Scene shifts to a shop where Zara and Rishi are selecting a sari. Shopkeeper tells Zara that she won’t get such an exclusive collection anywhere else and Rishi himself takes sari from this shop. Rishi is in thoughts when Zara asks him what was he thinking about. Rishi says he was thinking about Indu who will feel betrayed because he promised her that he will include her in every decision that he takes but hewas so scared of losing Zara that he ended up marrying her. Zara soothes him and tells him thatthey will love Indu very much and sooner or later Indu will accept it. Rishi kisses Zara’s hand.Kids at CC are teasing indira . Munna is shooing them off when ambulance comes. Indu is shouting from the window. They drag indira to the van and in a haste indira drops her potli at the doorsteps of SN.(Their expressions said that they were feeling bad… Munna says Mummy and Kutumb tells him to come inside. Munna says Mummy and follows her.The ambulance and the auto in which Zara are coming back home crosses each other. Rishi tells the auto walla to stop the auto and tells Zara to go to Radhe’s place and get ready. Zara leaves. Ambulance breaks down and the compounded says that they will have to push the van to start it and asks everyone to get out. They get out and leave the rear door of the van open. indira sees Rishi standing by the auto. indira tries to break free and finally frees herself and runs towards Rishi and hugs him. Rishi is bewildered and exactly when he was going to see her face the nurse and compounded take her away. Rishi asks them to behave properly with her and they tell him that she is mad and had created a chaos in CC too. While leaving in attempt to hold on to Rishi , indira scratches his hand.

Zara who had gone to buy Aalta comes back and worriedly asks Rishi about the wound. Rishi tells her about indira and says that he feels bad for such people and their family. Zara says she knows Rishi can’t see anyone in pain. Rishi nods and says that now they must leave for Radhe’s place and Vanraj will come there itself and then they will go to SN. Zara tells Rishi that Rishi should go to SN and get Indu and that Indu has the right to know about their wedding first.(BG: aahatein.. ho rahi hai)Zara says that she wants Indu to accept her soon. Rishi says “I didn’t know that you were a sensitive inspector. You want to win over Indu by love. What about winning over me?”Zara: “If I do everything, what will you do?”Rishi: “ME, from the morning to evening, evening to night, night to morning and morning to night again, I will love you”Zara: “will I have to take my gun out?”Rishi: “no.. why?? I am leaving na” and starts leaving.Zara: “listen… Come back soon… I will be waiting”Rishi: “Where else will I go? As it is we are going to start a new life so I will just go and come back soon. Bye” and he leaves. He gives her a flying kiss and they look at each other till they are out of sight.Rishi comes to CC and looks at people who are busy in clearing the mess created by indira ). Peoplesay “as it is there were so many mad people in SN that this Indu got another one and calls her mummy”. Rishi is confused.Savita sees indira ‘s potli lying at the doorsteps of SN. She calls Munna and tells him that LW left her potli .Munna kicks it and the sari from the potli falls on Rishi. Rishi has flashbacks of Indira’s funeral and realizes that it’s the same sari. He further looks at the things in the potli and finds those bangles and mangalsutra. Simultaneously Zara is shown dressing up.

She is worried about how she looks when Vanraj arrives and in his masterji style tells that Zara is looking good. Zara asks him to behave like Rudraand he replies that he likes being Vanraj more than Rudra. Zara asks him if she is looking ok. He replies that she looks perfect (in a masala version)Rishi enters SN . Kutumb asks him about Zara and he asks about the potli and who it belongs to. Rishi hears Indu shouting to open the door. Rishi angrily asks who locked Indu. Everyone is speechless but as he starts going upstairs , Kutumb starts convincing him that Indu is very naughty and that she was not listening to anyone. Rishi opens the barsati’s door and Indu cries and hugs him by waist. Rishi asks her not to cry. Indu says that these people are very bad , they locked her in the room and adds that she wants to meet her mom. Rishi tells her to stop crying and asks her what happened. She tells him that these people snatched her mom away from her. Rishi tells her not to say such things because shweta left on her own. Indu tells him that she is talking about Indira and not Shweta. Indu tells Rishi everything from the beginning. Savita and Kutumb try to instigate Rishi. Rishi is busy looking at the proofs Indu showed him. Munna on Kutumb’s signal says that dead people don’t come back and Indu does not realize this being a child. Kutumb tries to change the topic and asks about Zara. Rishi shouts “shut up” and says that Indu went through so much in search of her mom and that he believes Indu. Indu says that she wants to meet her mom and tells him about how everyone treated her. Rishi promises that he will bring her mom back and gives Indu the potli and tells her to keep it safely as these are her mother’s belongings. Rishi leaves.At mental hospital, ward boys try to tie indira to bed but she slaps everyone and runs (then there is a funny scene of everyone running around) and while they all are running around, a flower vase falls down and indira hurts herself. She is being taken for shock therapy because she has gone out of control. Rishi comes to the mental hospital and asks for indira by telling them about her burnt hand and the tattoo 110006. Screen freezes on Rishi in hospital, indira being taken for shock treatment and Zara applying vermilion powder.


Indira in hospital, they have given her injection.They are going to give her shock treatment. Rishi comes looking for her, asks where she is. She sees him and calls out”Ishi”. He hears her and is looking for where her voice is coming from. She closes her eyes, and Rishi sees her through a door. He yells “Doctor please stop it!” The doctor says “Youre not allowed. Please leave.” Rishi is yelling to stop, and another doctor opens the door and Rishi goes inside. The second doctor says “We should not give her shock treatment. The patient has brain tumor.” Rishi looks at him shocked, and remembers Indira talking about her tumor. He becomes very happy and emotional. The doctor says “Let Patient can go now. Dont give her any medication without checking with me.” Rishi says “Dont call her that. Her name is Mrs. Indira Rishi Kumar” and Indira smiles, but falls unconscious. Doctor says not to worry, she will wake up soon. Rishi sees the blood on her foot and starts to wipe it with his shirt, and doctor says”Control yourself. It will be ok soon.” Rishi asks when will she wake up, dr. says very soon.Zara is going to puts indoor, and Vanrajsays wait. He says let Rishi put it. She puts the sindoor back. Rishi is sitting by Indira’s side, stroking her head. His phone rings Rishi ignores it. He says “Last 8 years I’ve been waiting to see you. I didnt think life would bring me here…Shrimatiji my eyes saw your shadow in Zara, waiting for you. I gave her my flood of love, I am the culprit of both of you. I told Zara I loved her, then married her. And you, … how will I face her?” He is crying, and she starts to wake up, and her hand hits his face. She starts to cough. She sees Rishi, and becomes happy, and tries to say his name and stroke his face, then hugs him while crying and saying his name. (Guys this is a must watch scene – it was brilliant.) The doctor comes and says “You can take her home if you wish but I think you shouldnt, because you will have to take care of her every need like a baby. It is a big responsibility, and you wont live a normal life.

Think carefully.”Zara is saying why isnt Rishi picking up his phone. She tries again, and he cuts her call. She says “He’s been gone for so long, maybe Indu isn’t listening? I get scared every time he doesnt pick up his phone.” Vanraj tries SN home phone. Savita picks up. He says”His bride is waiting for him.” Savita is shocked, Zara takes phone away and scolds Vanraj for telling Savita. She says “Where has Rishi gone if he’s not at home?”Rishi has brought Indira to CC. Everyone says”Hey crazy lady is back.” They go to tie her hands, and Rishi starts to hit them. Indira is clapping. They bow in front of Indira and say sorry, and she breaks eggs on their heads and rushes to Rishi. He says “Dont even look at her. I will take the responsibility of that Indira Sharma who used to take care of everyone.”Savita tells Indu that Rishi has married Zara. Ma says “Rishi was going to bring Indu’s mom…he must have meant Zara. Shes going tobring 15 lakhs.” Indu says “No way.He will bring my Indira Sharma…this is a daughters faith” Rishi comes and says “I brought your real mom Indira Sharma back.” Zara is there hiding, and sees them, and is crying. Indu is very happy. She hugs Indira. Indu gives Rishi a kiss on the cheek. Maa says”Rishi what happened to you?! How can your eyes be deceived?” Rishisays “Indu never say Indira, but immediately recognized her heartbeat. You gave birth to her and still cant hear her heartbeats. This is the proof.” He shows the bangles, mangalsutra, and sari. Zara is shocked and crying.

Indira is Indira. Savita says even if LW is Indira, what about Zara who you just married and asks him if its the truth and where is Zara. Rishi is dumbfounded. Kutumb looks on angrily and questioningly. Zara comes in and says that she is right there. Kutumb comes and hugs Zara and says that she looks beautiful in sari and that she should wear saris from now on. She further says that she heard Zara married Rishi and that she is so happy about it. Zashi are looking at each other. Zara then denies it. Indu is happy, Kutumb is taken aback. Indu says she knew Rishi would never do it. Savita says zara is lying.if she had not married Rishi why is she dressed like a bride.Zara says that wearing a embroidered sari doesn’t mean she got married. Zara approaches Indira to caress her cheek but Indira walks off off. Zara says its so strange that Malik made me Zara Malik Khan and you identified me as Indira but amidst all this I have lost my identity. Indira hugs Rishi and shoos Zara. Inder says that bubbly is back and wonders what happened to her. Savita questions that if Indira was dead and Rishi had himself lit the funeral prayre then how can she be back. Inder says that day Rishi became unconscious after lighting the pyre and all of them except munna left the spot so munna will answer this question. Munna worriedly says that Indira was burnt and leaves. Kutumb again starts ranting about we can not afford to have an extra mouth to be fed. Sabita also is blabbering something when Rishi asks them to shut up and tells them that he items some and has decided that Indira will live here,

whoever has a problem with this decision can leave.he asks indu to clean the barsati for Indira . Indu and others leave. Zashi are looking at each other when Indira gets hurt while playing with bangles . Rishi looks at lw and zara is a bit disturbed.Munna in his room is trying to take his attention off but finally ends up thinking why zara was looking at him and goes to sit on a chair but zara pulls it. Munna asks what she wants . She says the truth and threatens to shoot him. He tells her that after everyone left it started training and he left to drink and the pandit passed on Indira’s remains to him is disgusted and leaves. Outside she sees Rishi helping Indira but as soon as he looks at her she looks Off and starts going upstairs. Rishi wants to go to talk to zara but Indira hills him. Rishi finally leaves and asks zara to stop. He asks her not to waste her years for him.

He adds that even though he is not worth an apology but still says sorry. He says that you must really be hurt. She says that she was hurt because when she said she might not be Indira, Rishi believed that she might not be Indira but when everyone today is saying that lw is not Indira he fully believes that Indira is Indira. He says that all the proofs say that Indira is Indira.she says and so sites your heart . He says that he never said that he doesn’t love zara. Zara starts leaving, he holds her hand and asks where she is going, she takes her hand off and says to find out if Indira is Indira. He smiles and says that she is great and she is trying to find out things about Indira .she says its not for Indira but herself because she wants to know who she is. She starts leaving again but hears Indira saying ishi. she asks Rishi to go with his shrimatiji because INDIRA needs him the most. She tells him that he must have made seven vows to his shrimatiji and now he should fulfil them.she hits away. Her words echo in Rishi’s ears.

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