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There is no empty bed in any of the orphanages. Raghav ji takes Niranjan’s name so Mrs. Kidwai from Ashray Orphanage tells him of one place.

A lady (widow) tells another widow (girl) that life is too big. This is how they have live it. She (Sudha) picks up clothes from the terrace and tells the girl to do the same. Hand over anything expensive to Pishi Ma so she can keep it safely. Raghav ji brings Ganga there. Ganga looks at all the ladies, girls clad in white sarees intently. Raghav ji greets the same lady. She looks at Ganga and gestures her to come to her. she is emotional seeing Ganga all dressed up in a red saree. Ganga tells her her name. The lady knows that Ganga lost her father and her husband. I wonder why women have to bear so much pain in life. Such a young age and see what she has been
through! She calls out for Pishi Ma who comes there holding a big stick in her hand for support. She tells her that Ganga will stay with them from now onwards. She sends her with Pishi Ma so her vermilion can be cleaned and she can change in a white saree. Sudha is having a hard time holding back her tears. Raghav ji leaves. Sudha looks at Ganga’s jewellery sadly.

Mamta and all the other widows are sitting at the Ghaat with a polythene before them. people come and give food to them. Pishi Ma comes there with Ganga. She notices everything around her. all the widows get up and circle around Ganga and Pishi Ma. The ladies ask her many questions about her background and her husband. Ganga is in tears. Pishi Ma tells her that the other women too have lost their husbands and the society snatched their right of living. They are here by God’s grace. They spend their lives by praying to God and eating what they get by other people. We all have to do this only now. Ganga runs away, saying she doesn’t want to live with them.

They chase her when Ganga hugs Sudha, asking her to save her. Sudha points out that she cannot run away from her fate. Sudha forcefully takes her to the Ghaat while Ganga tells her to leave her but in vain. She makes some ladies hold Ganga and brings clean water to clean the vermilion off Ganga’s forehead. Ganga asks them to leave her and cries badly for her Bappa. Sudha opens her hairs. Her bangles get broken next and the aalta is removed. They make Ganga wear a white saree afterwards. Little Ganga stands there sadly. She looks at all the ladies one by one. Pishi Ma explains the custom to her. Your life loses all colours when you lose your husband. We are not your enemies. We just did what happens with us women. You are lucky that you got to stay here or you never know where all you would have to roam. People will give you food on their own now. They run away from a widow’s shadow even. There is either sin or repulsion in the eyes of people for a lonely woman. There is no dearth of people in this world who will not think once before taking advantage of women. Ganga asks for her clothes and jewellery. Bappa had bought them from far for me. I want them. Mamta repeats Pishi Ma’s words but Ganga is not ready to follow any of them. Pishi Ma insists that this only is her fate now. Ganga looks up towards the sky sadly.

Niranjan is still worried about Ganga. He is not so comfortable with the idea of Ganga staying in that orphanage with widows. It is her age to play and study in school when she had to go there. Raghav ji says you have a very soft heart. The world is hard these days. You did what all you could do for her. Rest it’s her fate!

Sudha tells another girl named Mamta to keep all the clothes in her office. I will send it to Mrs. Kidwai’s office so she can use it for others. She asks Pishi Ma if Ganga has calmed down. Did she eat anything yet? Pishi Ma smiles. She is hot headed. She will eat in a while. Sudha nods and leaves.

Ganga is looking at river Ganga from the terrace. She recalls her anxiety about the river and the city Banaras. She thinks of her father and their last ride together to Banaras.

Mamta brings food for Ganga. She refuses to eat it. I saw you all have asking for the food from people. My Bappa has taught me to earn and then eat anything using your own money. The girl is taken aback but tells her that big words cannot curb / end the hunger. We all eat it and now you too have to eat the same food. Ganga stays put. I am the daughter of a farmer. I can stay hungry but wont take food like this. The girl makes a bite for her but Ganga pushes her hand away. The plate makes a loud noise and it falls on the ground floor. Sudha lady looks up and is not happy as she notices Ganga standing upstairs.

Everyone gathers downstairs, including Ganga. Sudha questions Ganga. How dare you throw it? Ganga refuses to eat the food that they have begged. Sudha gets angry. It is written in the scriptures that a widow has to live on alms only. Ganga repeats her Bappa’s words. What’s the need of begging when you have two hands and feet? You, Pishi Ma and Mamta are liars too. You all eat the food that you beg for. Disgusting! Sudha feels bad / hurt. You are disrespecting us. She picks up a stick and asks Ganga to apologize. Ganga stays put. I am not wrong, why should I apologize? Sudha beats Ganga so Pishi Ma comes to her rescue. Sudha is not able to understand why Ganga is not saying sorry to her. Pishi Ma requests Ganga to apologize. Ganga shouts that she is not at fault. Sudha says your fault is that your husband is dead. Ganga retorts that she isn’t dead yet. She is very much alive! Sudha looks at her in shock. She leaves from there without saying anything. Ganga looks at Mamta, Pishi Ma and all the other ladies.

Sudha is undergoing multiple emotions as Ganga’s words echo in her head. She cannot hold back her tears anymore and cries.

At night, all the ladies have fallen asleep. Mamta comes there with a lantern. So much anger? You were beaten so much yet you dint apologize. You cannot throw tantrums here. You have to follow the rules of this Ashram if you want to live here. Ganga doesn’t want to live here. I will run away. I have no idea where but I wont stay here. Mamta requests her to eat something. You need strength to run. Ganga agrees. Mamta goes to bring something for her.

Ganga looks at her wounded palm. She remembers her Bappa telling her that her right palm holds her self-respect and her left palm is her strength. You can get anything in life if you don’t give up. Bappa you told me that my destiny is in my hands. I will win. Your Ganga wont give up! Epi ends on Ganga’s face.

Sudha is trying to read a holy book when everyone is asleep but her mind is not really here. Pishi Ma points out at the same. Sudha feels her whole life has lost its meaning. Everything looks worthless now. That little girl called the scriptures a lie! She refused to beg and live her life. Her disgust / hatred was so very obvious in her words. The way we all have been living our lives, it is even worse than death for her. we all are walking dead in her eyes. Where has she come from? Pishi Ma replies that from the same place with the same angst, unrest and questions, where you had come from. Sudha reasons that she accepted everything, whatever the Guru ji said or whatever is written in the scriptures. I accepted all the rules. I am living my life like a widow should. I never complained to anyone. Pishi Ma
nods. But you would have surely asked yourself the same questions lot many times. Is it right to accept the customs set by society for us? Is there no respect for what we women think? Sudha says we have to follow them if we have to live in the society. We cannot go against it. Pishi Ma suggests her to wait for a few days. Ganga will understand and accept the rules of our Ashram in some time. She is a kid after all. Sudha denies. Ganga is not a kid. She is a widow. The sooner she understands it, the better or life will become unbearable for her.

Next morning, Ganga walks around the Ashram cautiously to avoid meeting or getting caught by anyone. She hides when Pishi Ma passes by. She again hides when she hears Sudha’s voice. A lady holds her feet in sleep thinking her to be Mamta. Please get me some water. Ganga changes her voice and agrees to bring it for her. She runs to Sudha’s office. She smiles as she notices her clothes and jewellery.

Ganga thinks of her Gauna and how all the ladies of her village had helped her dress up. She was so happy to show it all to her Bappa. Ganga drapes her wedding saree over her shoulder once again. She recalls an instance where her Bappa was making a braid. He shows her the mirror afterwards. My daughter looks like a princess now. Ganga smiles looking at herself in the mirror. She tries to make a braid. Sudha notices her thus and is taken aback. Why are you wearing colourful clothes? Whom did you ask before touching them? ganga retorts that she doesn’t need to ask anyone as they are her clothes only. Sudha repeats that a widow has nothing of her own. She forcefully takes the saree of Ganga and throws it away angrily. Ganga and Sudha look at each other challengingly. Ganga asks for her clothes. Sudha extends her hand to touch Ganga’s hairs but Ganga holds her hand. Don’t touch my hairs! Sudha decides to teach her who a widow is and how she lives. She takes Ganga to the Ghaat. All the other widows follow them too. Ganga notices Niranjan heading towards the Ghaat in a boat. Sudha brings her to a barber and tells him to make Ganga bald. Ganga shouts in denial. Leave me. Ganga refuses to go bald as she wont look good that ways. Barber opens his razor and sharpens it over a little piece of stone. Ganga looks at it.

Niranjan is distributing blankets and medicines to the needy. Raghav ji reminds him that they have to reach court before its noon. Niranjan nods.

Sudha tells Ganga to sit quietly. The barber readies his razor and touches Ganga’s head to cut her hairs when she hits him with her legs. Ganga runs away. all the ladies try to catch her but in vain. They finally make a circle around Ganga so she is unable to escape. Ganga remembers how she used to play Kabaddi back at her village. She smiles and starts saying Kabaddi Kabaddi. Sudha is surprised. As soon as the ladies close in on her she runs away again. She finally hides behind Niranjan.

Nirajan is surprised to see Ganga. I left you in that Ashram of widows yesterday. Sudha comes panting there. Raghav ji returns with the mobile. Sudha calls Ganga but she declines to come to her. Sudha tries to move forward but Niranjan stops her. what’s the matter? Ganga tells him that Sudha wants to cut her hairs. I don’t want it, I will look very bad. Please save me Babu. Sudha tries to pull her towards her but Niranjan interferes again. Sudha explains that Ganga has lost her husband. Ganga very innocently says that she has not even seen the face of her husband. I was very small when Bappa got me married. My husband and Bappa died in the stampede at the Ghaat yesterday. Why should I cut my hairs for that? She requests Niranjan to stop them. Sudah talks about the custom of their society and of Ashram’s rule. You will have to get it done. Ganga points at Mamta’s hairs. Not everyone has to do it. Niranjan notices the wounds in Ganga’s hands. Ganga tells him that she (Sudha) hit me with a stick. Niranjan is shocked.

Ganga doesn’t mind getting beaten again but please tell her not to cut my hairs. Niranjan questions Sudha who tells him how Ganga insulted food, Guru ji, Gods and scriptures. We have to follow rules in the Ashram to maintain discipline or everyone will start throwing tantrums. Ganga reasons that she dint insult anyone. I only said that I wont eat the food that you get after begging people. Niranjan tries to make Sudha understand but she stays put. Sudha refuses to keep Ganga in her Ashram if she doesn’t want to get her hairs cut. Ganga flatly refuses to stay there. Pishi Ma asks her where she will go then as she has no home to go to anymore. Ganga doesn’t mind it. Bappa used to say that world is very big. Sudha agrees. You wont return to the Ashram then. She leaves with all the other ladies.

Raghav ji asks Ganga what she will do now, where will she go to. Ganga says I don’t know and walks away. Raghav ji and Niranjan look on as she walks away. Ganga’s words echo in Niranjan’s ears as he continues to look at her. he calls out for Ganga, asking her to stop. He runs to her and says, your Bappa was right. The world is very big but it isn’t safe. Will you come to my home with me? raghav ji tries to dissuade him but Niranjan gestures him to wait. My home is not that big but you can live there happily. Ganga asks him if he will also tell her to cut her hairs. He shakes his head. She agrees then and leaves with Niranjan and Raghav ji.

Raghav ji tries to make Niranjan understand as it will create a problem at home. We can leave her at the Ashram again. they will manage it amongst themselves. Niranjan reminds him of the marks in Ganga’s hand. they have beaten her and you want me to leave her there again? she will stay with us till we find some good place for her. we will see what happens. I cannot leave her on the road. He pays the rickshaw driver and takes Ganga to his home.

Ganga is amazed to see Niranjan’s big and beautiful house. Such a big palace in a narrow lane! Raghav ji says this is Chaturvedi Sadan. Ganga remarks that even the Sarpanch of her village dint have a house like this. he is still so arrogant. He will go all quiet if he comes here. Niranjan smiles. How many people live here? Niranjan says, me, my wife, our two sons, my mother, and our cook. Ganga counts it on her fingers. Only 6 people live in this big mansion! Niranjan nods. He takes her with him to make her meet everyone.

A lady is scolding someone as they couldn’t find a girl in Banaras (for some puja). She notices Ganga and goes quiet. Ganga hides behind Niranjan as she looks at the lady.


A lady is scolding someone as they couldn’t find a girl in Banaras (for some puja). The maid tells her that she invited all the girls yesterday itself but one dint turn up. Mrs. Mishra would have taken that girl with her. Ganga hides behind Niranjan as she looks at the lady. The other lady is not happy by the info. She tells her DIL (Madhvi) to learn something from Mrs. Mishra’s DIL. They won even when it came to dharma. What’s the use of this maid when she couldn’t convince one girl in the entire Banaras! Madhvi tells her that she has sent the driver. He will bring someone. The lady doesn’t want anything missing on the day of puja. Mother (of boys) has to do the puja herself on the day of kanya pujan. Their Maharaj adds that one has to take blessings from the girls too. The lady mocks at
the idea as no one here understands it.

The lady makes Madhvi help her in cleaning her feet. I wonder where Niranjan is. He is worried about the whole world and not his Amma. I too had told him to bring 7 girls but he dint pay heed. Niranjan whispers in Ganga’s ears. Go and sit there. Ganga obliges. His wife notices it and shakes her head but Niranjan gestures her to be quiet / wait. Her MIL notices Niranjan. So he is finally here. You are busy in taking care of the entire Banaras only! He talks to his mother through his wife. Tell your MIL that the 7th girl is here. His mother simply counts and signals Madhvi to start the puja. She goes to get her copy. Raghav ji suggests Niranjan not to call any trouble on himself by doing this. Niranjan is sure his mother’s dharma wont be affected by Ganga joining us for the puja. Her God will be happy only. Raghav ji still tries to say something but Niranjan goes to change his clothes.

Madhvi cleans Ganga’s feet. Niranjan is now dressed up in a suit. He watches them from upstairs. His mother tells her DIL to serve food if the puja is done. She sits down to do some work. She is irked with Madhvi for making noises while she works. Ganga smiles looking at the big laddoo coming her way. Madhvi tells her to eat it. Her MIL looks in their direction. Ganga picks up the laddoo while Niranjan’s mother eyes her curiously. Who is she? Where has she come from? Madhvi stands there quiet and tensed. Niranjan’s mother notices Ganga wearing white clothes. She makes Ganga keep the laddoo back in her plate. Come to me and answer my questions. Ganga replies that she dint wear it on her own. Those people forced me to wear it. Niranjan’s mother wants to know who this girl is. Who has brought her here? And why will someone make her wear white clothes? She suddenly realises the whole thing. Is she a widow? Niranjan tries to say something but his mother tells him to be quiet. She asks Ganga if she is married. Ganga says Bappa got me married when I was very young. I have not even seen the face of the groom though. He died in the stampede but I dint do anything.

Niranjan’s mother is angry that her puja got affected very badly. A widow in my puja? Niranjan reasons that though Ganga got married, she is still a girl. His mother denies. She is a widow. Niranjan talks about the biggest sin of the society – marrying kids in a very young and tender age when they should actually be playing / studying. You are just adding up to that sin by calling this little girl a widow! She is not interested in any of the logics given by her son. use them in your court, not here. She tells all the girls to get up and go home but Madhvi doesn’t want it all to go in vain. I will tell the maid to sprinkle ganga jal, find the 7th girl and do the puja. Her MIL scolds her for being irresponsible. Your husband is weird. He thinks just about anything.

Madhvi makes Ganga stand in a corner with Raghav ji. Niranjan’s mother tells Raghav to take Ganga away. Feed her something as today is kanya pujan day. Send her back to where she has come from. Raghav explains that Niranjan Babu said that Ganga will stay in this house only. Niranjan’s Amma is taken aback. Will you make Chaturvedi Sadan an Ashram for widows? Will you bring just any random guy from the streets home? Have you lost your mind? She refuses to allow Ganga to stay here till she is alive.

Niranjan’s Amma is apologizing to God for her son’s mistake. Niranjan and Madhvi come there. Niranjan tells his Amma that he dint intend to create any hindrance in her puja but he couldn’t think of anything else. I had not thought that you will be so upset because of such a small thing. your BP will increase if you continue to be angry. She is angry as no one else in the house follows any rules or dharma. I try everything to save you all from the evil eyes and do puja. I am here just because of your kids or I would have left long back.

Maharaj offers a laddoo to Ganga. She shakes her head. I am hungry but I don’t want something out of pity. Everyone is amazed to hear her.

Niranjan’s Amma insists that Ganga cannot stay here. Send her back right away. Ganga feels sad seeing the family members arguing because of her. She starts walking backwards while title song plays in the background. She turns and starts heading towards the main door.

Niranjan follows his mother. He tries to make her understand but she threatens him that she will leave for Haridwar in that case. If you want me to stay here then you will have to agree to what I say. Niranjan too makes it clear that he respects her but he wont agree to this thing. His Amma decides to leave then. Madhvi requests her to stay with them as whatever they are, it is all because of her. Niranjan’s Amma is picking up her clothes. I gave up everything when my husband died but I still have a right over this house. I wont sit quietly if I see anything wrong happening in the house. That girl is greater than me for your husband so take care of her. maharaj comes to tell them that Ganga left. Niranjan is shocked while his Amma is relieved.

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