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TUMPMAN vs YOVFIPMAN: Hoodlums invade movie Marketers house over formation of New Association

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It’s as if the war of attrition between the Yoruba Video/Film Producers and Marketers Association (YOVFIPMAN), and Integrity Productions and Marketing Ltd has not been resolved.
Mr Busayo Odu, the CEO of Integrity Marketer raised an alarm on how hoodlums invaded his house in Ibadan and scattered all his gadgets and furnitures.
The grieved Marketer took to social media to show his displeasure over the new situation.
Read the Broadcast Message Below:

“If they know nothing about this they should tell the whole world within the next 24hours if not, this is the beginning of their downfall!

Pls when has it become a crime to form a new group/association? I just got the information Now that they sent their hoodlums to my house in Ibadan over night. They removed a burglary proof, entered into my room and scattered the whole place.

But why are they so desperate? Why are they afraid? They keep holding meetings from one place to another. Haba!

They started threatening me the moment I announced that I don’t want to have anything to do with them again. They have organised series of meetings in Ibadan and Lagos to frustrate/stop us but they failed.

This is their new agenda. But I’m declaring it boldly now that nothing can stop me. If integrity Productions overcame them in 2015/2016, with God on our side, TUMPMAN will surely overcome them. No amount of intimation will make me back out.

…hmmm… Don’t start what u can’t finish o. Be warned! Oro die la nso fomoluabi….”

The marketing and distribution war was reactivated after Integrity Marketer decided to establish a new Association comprising Movie producers and Movie marketers called The Unique Movie Producers and Marketers Association of Nigeria (TUMPMAN)
Speaking with SpyeTV, Busayo Odu (Integrity), Acting Director of Media, Planning and Strategy gave reasons Why we started TUMPMAN

1). For proper and effective distribution of movies in Nigeria
2). To curb piracy and activities of pirates in the movie industry in Nigeria
3). To set standard for quality movie productions in Nigeria
4). To restructure the Nigeria movie industry and restore our lost glory.

B). We did NOT start TUMPMAN
1). To tackle or tear down any group or association
2). To destroy anyone or tarnish people’s image.

Recall that 23rd, February, 2016 a peace meeting was organized by southwest chairman of VICOAN (Video Club Owners Association of Nigeria) involving the YOVFIPMAN executive and Integrity marketer to settle scores between the two parties”. And on 16th Nov, 2015, Integrity Productions released a movie title Sekunola with YOVFIPMAN instructing its members not to participate in the sales of the movie because the Integrity Productions refused or neglected to do the right thing or observe the normal lay down rules and regulations of the association.

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